Thoraguard is clearly the most precise, most reliable, and easiest to use system available for digital air leak monitoring in thoracic surgery.



Michael Zervos, MD 

Clinical Associate Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery; Chief of Thoracic Surgery Service,


Thoraguard in Thoracic Surgery


Precise, Objective Digital Data for Better Clinical Decisions  




Air Leak Measuring

Digitally measures and displays air leak rate and 24-hour trends to assist in objective patient discharge decisions


Compact and self-contained system enables early patient ambulation

Self Monitoring

Actively monitors system and alerts care team in the event of abnormal air leak rate, line kinks or other system disruption

Rapid Set-up

Rapid set-up with no water required

All-In-One Solution

All-in-one solution incorporates digital monitor, suction control, canister, and chest tubes for use throughout hospital

Today, there is significant variability in care team assessment of post-operative air leaks, which can delay patient discharge.


Variability of analog air leak assessment results in:



longer leak duration


day increase in hospital length of stay



agreement within care team on air leak severity



*versus digital assessment

Society Guidelines Recommend

Digital Drainage After Lung Surgery

The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery Society (ERAS) and the European Society of Thoracic Surgeons published guidelines for enhanced recovery after lung surgery in the European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery, giving digital drainage systems their strong recommendation.

They noted that “the use of digital drainage systems is recommended as they remove variability in clinical decision-making and facilitate early mobilization. They may also reduce chest tube duration and hospital stay.”



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